"As a professional golfer, I have relied on Traci to help me return to sport safely and healthier than before my injuries. She has always taken the time to understand my body, my injuries, and need to return to sport quickly and safely. Traci communicated well with my doctors, and spent time with me discussing my injuries and a plan moving forward. Traci is always invested in her patients, and really takes times to get to know them and understand their injuries. I wouldn't be where I am today without Traci's help!"


Dr. Brittany Korman is amazing. She worked with me for three months after I went to her for hip and ankle issue that made it difficult, if not impossible, to walk. Her skills at listening to her patients allowed her to quickly target my issues. She knew exactly what was needed to get me back to health. Her sunny disposition made it easy to want push forward through the discomfort without harming myself. She is firm in her expectations, but doesn't push you harder than your body can take. Three months later, I am hiking again! I am a convert to physical therapy and can't recommend her enough.


"Traci truly cares about her patients and works her magic so we can get back out there playing the sports we love. Her personalized program for each patient is specific to their injury and her warm and caring personality makes the time spent doing rehab a real pleasure. You will actually look forward to rehab when Traci is treating you. Every time I've gone to Traci, I walk out feeling better and confident that I chose the best in the business"


"Traci did more than simply rehab my shoulder, she prepared me for re-entry into dance. In other words, she didn't just treat my shoulder, she treated me, with my professional and personal goals in mind."


"It's been 5 weeks since I got home from the hospital and would never have thought I'd be where I am right now. Couldn't even walk more than 5 steps on a walker with nurses holding me up when I was in the hospital. Still have a lot of work to do, but the progress I've made so far has been SHOCKING. All thanks to THPTG!"


"Thanks to you guys, we were BOTH strong! Shoulders, knees AND ankles!!"

Brittany changed my life! I was close to surgery and after Brittanys exercises my shoulder feels great and I can do things pain free again!
The facility is amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and and my appts were always on time!


"Traci is truly invested in each of her patients and their recovery. She worked one on one with my daughter every session for complete consistency in her treatment.  This was unlike our experience with other physical therapy practices, where my daughter was passed off to either one or two other therapists each time.  Traci works with a lot of student athletes, so she understands their injuries and really knows how to personalize a program to get them back to the activities they love."


"Traci Heller is like no other PT. Not only does she prepare you for surgery but post surgery rehab as well. She is the absolute best. Does not miss anything."



"I also want to thank you for what you did for me! If it wasn't for you giving me all the tools I need to become healthy again, I would have never been able to go back overseas. You're a life saver! I feel like you genuinely wanted to help me, and you did. You're a great person and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate everything that you've done for me! It really means a lot!"


"I went from after post- surgery struggling with a body weight squat and in 2018 squatting over 500 Pounds. This was due to consistently lifting and strengthening on the principles Traci Introduced me to and the structure that she built from bottom up. I am going to play Junior college football in 2019 with hopes to play in the NCAA Division 1 ball in the near future when my academics improve.

I will forever value the importance of strengthening my body thanks to Traci Heller, I can confidently say she put me on the path to be a high level athlete."


"Traci encouraged me to work hard  and great deal of my muscle dexterity came  back.  We work together weekly still, building on the original plan.  My latest excitement has been to jump rope ...sounds silly but, such a big deal to me.


She is a hands on PT first and foremost . Traci has an upbeat manner and is very thoughtful in her guidance with each patient. She is both a physical and emotional support to me."