Meet the Therapists
Traci Heller, PT

Traci graduated from Northwestern University in October of 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.  She will be celebrating her 30th year of practicing this fall. Throughout her career she has been involved in numerous settings that allow her to treat the entire patient condition.   


Initial work experience includes hospital acute care in which she was intimately involved in total knee and hip arthroplasty rehabilitation.  Her interest there led to a position as the hospital manager for out-patient and in-patient physical therapy.  Traci later pursued out-patient rehab with an emphasis on sports medicine.  She has worked with a wide range of athletes from high school, to college, to the professional level.  


Special certifications include strength and conditioning from NCSF, advanced coursework in pilates and yoga, rock tape certification, advanced coursework in manual therapy including spinal and joint mobilization and IASTM certification.


As a competitive athlete herself, Traci has an inherent understanding of the specific musculoskeletal needs required for return to sport after an injury.  


As a result of her years of  experience in the field, she has established a wide network of professional relationships with doctors and can make recommendations for specialists based on the injury.


Her philosophy for treatment can best be described as holistic with emphasis on one-on-one care, education on the injury, as well as prevention. 

Dr. Brittany Korman, DPT, PT

Brittany graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman's University in Dallas. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Texas in Austin.


In addition to orthopedics and sports experience, Brittany has advanced education in Women's Health, and vestibular conditions. This includes treatment of BPPV, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Brittany has also completed her certification in dry needling.  She utilizes a comprehensive treatment approach including manual therapy, dry needling, neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic exercise in order to help patients reach their full potential.

Outside of the clinical setting, Brittany is a fitness instructor at Studio Three in Chicago. She enjoys staying active through strength training and a variety of group fitness classes including pilates and yoga.


Brittany provides personalized treatment sessions that focus on the patient as whole in order to help them achieve their individual health and fitness goals!



Dr. Brittany Korman is amazing. She worked with me for three months after I went to her for hip and ankle issue that made it difficult, if not impossible, to walk. Her skills at listening to her patients allowed her to quickly target my issues. She knew exactly what was needed to get me back to health. Her sunny disposition made it easy to want push forward through the discomfort without harming myself. She is firm in her expectations, but doesn't push you harder than your body can take. Three months later, I am hiking again! I am a convert to physical therapy and can't recommend her enough.


-Julia Stinson


Dear THPTG staff,

I wanted to let the world know what a blessing all of you have been in my life as I heal from my frozen shoulder! If one were asked to describe an exceptional physical therapy practice, he/she would have depicted the essence of Traci Heller Physical Therapy Group.

Having superior physical therapy skills is something you may be able to find at some other PT practices, but being able to surround your patients with an exceptional degree of genuine loving care is not something that is found often. Your patients are surrounded by reassuring statements about their physical progress, encouraging words while in pain and that is not all! Traci, I know you want the best for all the patients of THPTG.

​Desiring the best for your patients is evidenced in countless ways! Let us count the many elements of THPTG that make it exceptional:

1.    Physical therapists who graduated from exceptional PT programs

2.    Physical therapy assistants that have athletic/training backgrounds that is illuminated as they help patients practice their exercises with a very watchful eye for proper form. Knowing you are practicing your exercise with proper form so you do not end up injuring other parts of your body is such a relief! This is not what you will get at the “big box” PT groups!

3.    Very, very clean! An impressive fact to know is that this practice has a strict health safety protocol that they follow, including thoroughly sanitizing PT tables after each patient appointment, changing the pillow cases after each patient appointment and washing hands between each patient. I witness this each and every time!

4.    The entire staff is not just courteous or polite, rather I would describe each person of THPTG as loving and kind! There truly is a difference! You can sense their loving spirit and it is amplified as they take the time to listen to how the patient perceives his/her home exercise program progresses between appointments. They truly are among the most patient people on earth!

5.    Top Orthopedic Chicagoland doctors recommend this practice! That is how I found Traci and am blessed to have worked with her, Trey and the rest of the THPTG staff!

6.    I could continue the list of exceptional qualities of THPTG, but why read more when all anyone needs to know about this testimony is that I am one that will not accept anything less than superior when it comes to my healthcare. This is something everyone in my life can attest to and find helpful when they search for the best care. As you can see, from a thankful heart, I can truly say to any future patients that they will be in great hands at Traci Heller Physical Therapy Group!



​                                                _____________________________________

When I was 15 years old I tore my ACL as well as damaging my meniscus. My mom, Staci took me to rehab with Traci Heller at Traci Heller Physical Therapy Group. Every athlete review said she was the best around when it comes to Athlete Rehab. Traci focused on every small aspect of my knee: strengthening the muscles around it and the actual application to playing sports. She worked on everything from my hip flexors to my hamstrings. I learned a lot about the importance of strengthening the protectors of your ligaments and knee. She continuously pushed me and never let me ever get lazy. She challenged me when I wasn’t confident in my knees abilities by always teaching me new concepts and introducing new ways to strengthen my knee as an athlete.

Fast forward into the future: I became a Unanimous Illini-Prairie All-Conference and All-City of Chicago selection as a Defensive Tackle at Kenwood High school. I went from after post- surgery struggling with a body weight squat and in 2018 squatting over 500 Pounds. This was due to consistently lifting and strengthening on the principles Traci Introduced me to and the structure that she built from bottom up. I am going to play Junior college football in 2019 with hopes to play in the NCAA Division 1 ball in the near future when my academics improve.

I will forever value the importance of strengthening my body thanks to Traci Heller, I can confidently say she put me on the path to be a high level athlete.

Thank you Traci, Love you , and shout out to Alli as well !!! 


-J. Chalrton-Perrin

"Thanks to you guys, we were BOTH strong! Shoulders, knees AND ankles!!"

-Pam & Alex L.


"Traci did more than simply rehab my shoulder, she prepared me for re-entry into dance. In other words, she didn't just treat my shoulder, she treated me, with my professional and personal goals in mind."



"Traci is truly invested in each of her patients and their recovery. She worked one on one with my daughter every session for complete consistency in her treatment.  This was unlike our experience with other physical therapy practices, where my daughter was passed off to either one or two other therapists each time.  Traci works with a lot of student athletes, so she understands their injuries and really knows how to personalize a program to get them back to the activities they love."

-Karen W.


"Traci truly cares about her patients and works her magic so we can get back out there playing the sports we love. Her personalized program for each patient is specific to their injury and her warm and caring personality makes the time spent doing rehab a real pleasure. You will actually look forward to rehab when Traci is treating you. Every time I've gone to Traci, I walk out feeling better and confident that I chose the best in the business"

-Deb K.


"Traci Heller is like no other PT. Not only does she prepare you for surgery but post surgery rehab as well. She is the absolute best. Does not miss anything."

-Edie K.


"I met Traci Heller over 4 years ago.  At that time I was struggling due to past hip surgeries. Although I have always been an avid exerciser I had failed to work on my small muscle strength and alignment.

My leg muscles were different sizes and I could not initiate quick response from my legs.


I actually had no idea how weak I had become, Foolishly thinking the treadmill  and elliptical would be enough of a work out.


My back was weak, my core was a mess, my leg strength was poor.


Traci encouraged me to work hard  and great deal of my muscle dexterity came  back.  We work together weekly still, building on the original plan.  My latest excitement has been to jump rope ...sounds silly but, such a big deal to me.


She is a hands on PT first and foremost . Traci has an upbeat manner and is very thoughtful in her guidance with each patient. She is both a physical and emotional support to me."

-Alison Y


"It's been 5 weeks since I got home from the hospital and would never have thought I'd be where I am right now. Couldn't even walk more than 5 steps on a walker with nurses holding me up when I was in the hospital. Still have a lot of work to do, but the progress I've made so far has been SHOCKING. All thanks to THPTG!"

-Joey W


"I also want to thank you for what you did for me! If it wasn't for you giving me all the tools I need to become healthy again, I would have never been able to go back overseas. You're a life saver! I feel like you genuinely wanted to help me, and you did. You're a great person and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate everything that you've done for me! It really means a lot!"

-Diamond R. 

Additional Testimonials